OOO “Gold Mustang”


The name of our magazine “Gold Mustang” highlights our conception of work. Image of Mustang (wild horse) represents freedom, independence, nature beauty and constant aspiration to move forward. Our magazine always goes on and provides our readers with fresh equestrian news and main events held in equestrian world.


Nowadays Gold Mustang contents:

-         exclusive articles and fresh information about horse breeding and equestrian sports in Russia and all over the world,

-         interviews with celebrities, politics who are involved in equestrian world,

-         excellent  variety of rubrics such as “Horseraces”, “Selection”, “Breeds”, “Sports”, “History”, “Polo”, “Tips for beginners”, “New technologies”, etc.

-         ongoing rubric “Veterinary” which contains tips for horseowners how to keep their animals fit and healthy,

-         long history of cooperation with FEI and national equestrian federations from West and East Europe, Middle East countries,


Gold Mustang magazine performs different social projects on an ongoing basis. We also design and produce great variety of professional printing materials and collect pieces of art in our gallery.

Gold Mustang magazine is proved to be the leading issue and informational portal In Russian equestrian industry. We highlight news from all spheres of equestrian sports and breeding and do it professionally and operatively.