Реклама в журнале

The “Gold mustang” is full color information-analytical magazine – the only one professional publication about horse breeding and horse sport in Russia. The “Gold mustang” magazine for 16 of its existence has proved itself as a reliable partner for a range of companies and has significantly expanded their customer audience. 

Starting with the first issue, which came out on may 30, 1997, to this day on the pages of the magazine are being published an interesting article about equestrian sports tournaments, history of equestrian sport, outstanding masters, whose contribution to the history of equestrian sport is invaluable, analytical articles about the sport horses, race and trotting competitions. The “Gold mustang” magazine is the latest news from the world of horse breeding, equestrian sport and hippodrome competitions.

Goals and tasks of the magazine:

Popularization of equestrian sport and supporting of Russian horse breeding.

Our goal is to show the reader the latest achievements in the world of the horse industry in an easy way, to explain to the reader all the nuances and specifics of equestrian business, to acquaint with the latest achievements of technological progress, to show the example of the famous horses of modern trends of horse breeding, market priorities and so on. Our magazine is a key guide to the world of the professional activity of the leading sportsmen and horse breeders.

For all questions please call the editorial office or by e-mail: adv@goldmustang.ru

Media-kit magazine "Gold Mustang" 2019 (english)